May 25, 2024


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Village Darapur (Moga), February (Jagraj Singh Gill, Manpreet moga)

Village Darapur has emerged as an example for other villages to dispose of household waste. Under the Swachh Bharat Grameen Scheme, the Gram Panchayat has taken steps to manage and dispose of the garbage in the village under MGNREGA


and manage the solid waste disposal as well as make arrangements to dispose of the garbage generated from their homes by making the people aware. Are


Amarjit Kaur, a resident of the village, said that the collection of garbage from their houses has made it easier for them so that they do not have to go outside to dump their garbage. With this, they keep their home-made kitchen waste in a separate garbage bin and plastic and non-perishable garbage in another garbage bin.


She said that she was proud to be cooperating in keeping his village clean and tidy under this garbage management scheme and he also thanked HDFC Bank for providing them with the garbage bins with which they can dispose of their household waste cleanly.


Jaswant Singh, who collects garbage separately from the houses, said that he collects wet and dry garbage from people’s houses separately and collects it in a special garbage dump set up outside the village, where compost is made from wet waste. He said that the compost made here is used in nurseries or fields. Dry waste, including plastic envelopes, is used for further recycling.


Jarnail Singh, Sarpanch of the village said that under the ‘Har Ghar Pani Ghar Safai’ mission, dry and wet garbage was collected from almost all the houses in village Darapur and taken to the solid waste management site. Efforts are being made to collect garbage in the same manner.


Meanwhile, the A.D.C. (Development) Subhash Chander said that work on solid waste management projects in the villages of the district was in full swing.

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